About Wolfswood Partners LP

Wolfswood Partners is a US based hedge fund that invests in the Health Care and Technology sectors. Wolfswood rigorously researches and analyzes these sectors to find investments that fuel innovation and drive superior returns.

Investment Approach

We deploy a fundamental investment strategy based on meticulous research in the healthcare and technology sectors. We invest in companies that own innovative technologies and transformative medical treatments.

Executive Team

Jason Comerchero

Jason is a Co-founder and Managing Partner of Wolfswood Partners.  Jason is focused on investing in disruptive technology.  Prior to founding Wolfswood, Jason was a Portfolio Manager at Alpine Partners and Triumph Trading Group. Jason spent the first decade of his career at Madison Trading Group, where he became the Head Equity trader. Jason graduated magna cum laude from George Washington University in 2001.

Gregory Neuman

Greg is a Co-founder and Managing Partner of Wolfswood Partners, where he focuses on healthcare and biotechnology investments. Before founding Wolfswood, Gregory was a healthcare portfolio manager at Alpine Partners. Prior to working for Alpine, Gregory was a senior trader at both the Triumph Group and the Madison Trading Group. He graduated from Georgetown University in 2005 with a major in Government.

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